[International] Response to the MH17 Plane Disaster Today


Where I read the article: Malaysia Airlines MH17 shot down over Ukraine: 28 Australians among 298 dead


This is tragic news not only for Victorians but for people around the world. This time it’s not only Malaysian Airlines that’s in hot water, but President Putin from Russia. 

Let me start off by outlining the details of the incident:


The Malaysia Airlines plane with 298 people on board, including at least 28 Australians, was downed about 12.15am today Sydney time.

The flight MH17, a Boeing 777-200, was travelling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur but was shot down in separatist-controlled eastern Ukraine.

Plumes of black smoke could be seen near the rebel-held village of Grabovo in eastern Ukraine, at the crash site 40 kilometres from the Russian border.

WHO were Involved: 

  • 298 passengers from the MH17 commercial air plane who were killed. Among them, 28 were from Australia, 154 Dutch passengers, 43 Malaysians, 12 Indonesians, 9 British passengers, 4 Belgium passengers, 4 German, 3 Philippines, a Canadian and 40 other unverified passengers.   
  • Pro-Russian Rebels from Ukraine are reported to be behind this disaster

WHERE did it happen:

  • The flight was scheduled to depart from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • The flight was interrupted in Eastern Ukraine, where it was reported that a missile/s had shot down the air-plane


WHEN did it happen:

  • It happened at 2:15pm local time (GMT) in Eastern Ukraine


This is the question that is puzzling over peoples’ head and as reported I suspect that it might be a case of mistaken identity where the Pro-Russian rebels mistaken it was an Ukrainian Cargo Plane instead and decided to shoot it down. It was all too late before they realised that it was a big mistake. I praise the Ukrainian Government for intercepting telephone conversations after the event and successfully recorded a conversation where one of the rebels said:

‘We shot down a plane’

by Russian rebel military chief Igor ‘The Terrible’ Strelkov.  This is a good piece of evidence to verify who is responsible for this disaster and he needs to pay for his stupid actions. 

My Opinion:

I send my deep condolences towards the victims of the Malaysian airplane. It is no doubt an ‘unspeakable crime’ committed by the rebels behind this and whilst some experts say that it is too early to determine the perpetrators, I think it is already quite obvious that President Putin deserves to be blamed.It’s quite ironic for his initial response that Ukraine is to be blamed for this when it’s his officials who have shot down the plane. 

What a tragedy, for passengers in which some were planning to attend the International AIDS Conference in Melbourne to be killed just like that. Parents, students, teachers, grandparents, ordinary citizens to end their life in such an avoidable incident.

Moments ago I watched an uncensored video of the crash site and I can say it was utterly revolting to watch. Bodies were scattered everywhere and it was all debris full of suitcases, passports and plane equipment. I find it very disheartening to know that some local civilians came to the crash site to steal money and precious items left there. Shame on you.

As for Malaysian airlines, I truly sympathise with them this time. It was completely beyond their control for this to happen and they made a prompt action to waive any fees for flight changes, amid passengers cancelling their flights from Malaysian airlines. The MH370 plane is still nowhere to be seen, and already they have to suffer another plane from falling into the same fate. If I was Malaysian airlines, I would actually consider closing down the business and then rebuild a new airplane company named something else instead. There’s no way that this time they will have a chance to recover and it will only be months away perhaps that their sales would decline to a point they are making huge losses. 

I applaud our Prime Minister Tony Abbott for making a firm stance that President Putin is ‘very unsatisfactory’ and he should be condemned. I respect Tony’s decision for a national mourning day where flags would only be partially lifted. And also we should applaud Victorian Premier’s decision to cancel the fireworks display in Docklands tonight, and make a low-key opening ceremony for the International HIV Conference to pay respect for those who have sacrificed their lives. 

The big question though is if the war between Ukraine and Russia didn’t exist, this incident would never happen in the first place. I think it’s time that governments from all around the world force Russia and Ukraine to confront their conflicts and for a time to end all this. 

What a tragedy. 




[Science][Business] Response to the Carbon Tax Axe


Where I read the article: Carbon tax scrapped: PM Tony Abbott sees key election promise fulfilled after Senate votes for repeal


Today marks a very important day in terms of politics and the concern for the environment. You will either be celebrating today or cringing your head on what the hell happened to Australia. 

“”Because the price of power is a component of just about every price in the economy, when the price of power falls, other prices should go down as well,”


“households will benefit on average by $550 a year from the repeal, with gas prices to fall by 7 per cent and electricity prices by 9 per cent.”

For those celebrating, you may be celebrating in the sense that Carbon Tax may mean goods and services will be cheaper now. Businesses that emit carbon emissions will now not be required to pay for the price on pollution, and automatically people would assume that we consumers would now have less financial burden. Period. 

For those however upset about the decision made in the Parliament House today, you are probably angry in the sense that nothing will really stop businesses causing greenhouse gas. The incentive for businesses to divert their resources away from using fossil fuels and try renewable energy methods will be gone, and that’s definitely bad news for the environment. 

Either way you think about it, I have simplified the effects and the Carbon Tax is no doubt a really complicated issue.  It’s also going to affect the future of  Australia’s economy and environment drastically. From my humble opinion, I tend to believe that the Carbon Tax is an effective general policy to encourage businesses who are polluting the environment to change the structure of the business, but I find that it is a bit too overwhelming for ordinary citizens who have to suffer from raising prices. But don’t worry, even though the Carbon Tax is gone and marks Australia as the first country to back away from environmental policies from an international perspective, we can still find other ways to preserve our environment. But ladies and gentlemen, time is running out.    


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[MELBOURNE CITY] Response that Melbourne is named World’s 3rd Best City


Where I read the article: Melbourne named world’s third best city


Melbournians rejoice! We have been recently claimed as the World’s 3rd Best City! Not bad at all.

“Falling from second last year, Melbourne won praise for recent public transport upgrades and its low crime rate – though Monocle’s data gave it the highest murder rate on its index of 25 cities.  “

Although we dropped from third place to second place, it’s still good enough considering there are so many cities in the world that are hungry to grab the title. I think this title for Melbourne is well-deserved, for many reasons that this article did not say:

1. We are an international sports city (2014 Sports-Business Ultimate Sports City). Every year we host the Grand Slam Tennis Tournaments (Australian Open) in Melbourne, featuring top-notch tennis players like Roger Federer, not to also mention our amazing Nick Kyrgios from Australia who defeated World No.1 Nadal before. Also, out of the whole Australia we have the highest attendance rates of AFL fans. 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup, Melbourne Cup, you name it.


2. We have rather unique architecture. Examples include the Art Preinct, Eureka Tower, Federation Square, Flinders Street Station, all which are known for their design (maybe Federation Square is renowned for its architecture infamously).


3. Nice Public Transport. Ever since the Metcards were abolished, I can happily say that Melbourne’s public transport system has improved tremendously in terms of efficiency even though we have few technical problems here and there. In particular, our recently upgraded trams make us different compared to other cities, where I believe we are the first city in Australia to have trams operating. Down at Swanston Street there’s even an opportunity for you to be on a horse carriage.


Besides these reasons, we have a great Health-care system, relatively low crime rates for a city and more importantly we are a multicultural and multi-faith society.

In order for me to not be overly Melbourne-patriotic, I acknowledge that there’s also quite a few things that we could improve on, and I know we will.

Do you agree with me? Feel free to comment below.

[Interesting] Response to NSW man who ‘found’ the Russian Space Junk and plans to sell it for $100,000


Where I read the article: NSW man who believes he found space junk from Russian rocket posts it on Gumtree for $100,000


I guess finder’s keepers was what the guy who found the ‘Space Junk’ was thinking. It’s also what comes up to peoples’ minds when they find a treasure; sell it for as more as you can and earn a profit for something that’s not yours in the first place. I didn’t get a chance to see the space junk flying back Melbourne’s sky that night but I agree that it was indeed a phenomenon.

“What is a bit surprising is the track it took, which is long, long away from the line we got from the US and most of the eyewitnesses,”

This raises the question whether the space junk is genuine in the first place. I frankly am not too sure if this object is real but from what researchers have said we can establish that it’s more or less a space junk, the matter of fact is just whether if it was from the Russian rocket.

And before we get everything all cleared up, he’s asking for $100,000 on Gumtree. A smart move I would say would be to go and show this directly to N.A.S.A, confirm whether this space junk was from the Russian rocket, get international attention and then it is probably his to sell, and possibly for a even higher price.The only drawback from this is of course if N.A.S.A asks to have it back haha.

Professor Bland: “If you can remember roughly where it was in the sky, download the app and go through the steps to record it,”

It’s amusing to know how much technology has taken us. People whether from Melbourne or anywhere from around the world can now just download an app and help space researchers about tracing debris. We are now all amateur astronomers!