[Sport] A Response to Liam Jurrah’s Release from Jail


Where I read the article: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-07-16/supporters-not-giving-up-on-jurrah-whos-set-for-release/5602712?&section=news


I can’t believe that Liam Jurrah’s jail sentence has already been due. I am not a keen supporter from him partly due to his history of abusing relatives and trouble with the law, but from this article you can tell that his changed. Liam’s had his punishment with a jail sentence, a further punishment by being kicked out of AFL and now it’s time for him to have a new life. He’s learnt his lesson.

‘It’s about time you just be a role model’

This quote was from the article and I don’t quite agree with it. Liam Jurrah was just released from jail. What has he done right now that earns a title for him to become a role model?

Don’t mistaken me. Again I think he’s changed for good but he needs to prove himself with him that his praise-worthy. In the article it suggests perhaps there is a chance for him to be back in AFL. Rather than being an AFL player again, I think he should venture out and find new job opportunities: explore the world, reflect on his past and even get a career change. I think he needs to shake his life a bit and it might be a bit too overwhelming for him to just return on the field again.

He made staying out of trouble his main priority.

About this quote: I think so as well.

Agree or don’t agree with my thoughts? Feel free to comment and I am always open for constructive discussions.