[MELBOURNE CITY] Response that Melbourne is named World’s 3rd Best City


Where I read the article: Melbourne named world’s third best city


Melbournians rejoice! We have been recently claimed as the World’s 3rd Best City! Not bad at all.

“Falling from second last year, Melbourne won praise for recent public transport upgrades and its low crime rate – though Monocle’s data gave it the highest murder rate on its index of 25 cities.  “

Although we dropped from third place to second place, it’s still good enough considering there are so many cities in the world that are hungry to grab the title. I think this title for Melbourne is well-deserved, for many reasons that this article did not say:

1. We are an international sports city (2014 Sports-Business Ultimate Sports City). Every year we host the Grand Slam Tennis Tournaments (Australian Open) in Melbourne, featuring top-notch tennis players like Roger Federer, not to also mention our amazing Nick Kyrgios from Australia who defeated World No.1 Nadal before. Also, out of the whole Australia we have the highest attendance rates of AFL fans. 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup, Melbourne Cup, you name it.


2. We have rather unique architecture. Examples include the Art Preinct, Eureka Tower, Federation Square, Flinders Street Station, all which are known for their design (maybe Federation Square is renowned for its architecture infamously).


3. Nice Public Transport. Ever since the Metcards were abolished, I can happily say that Melbourne’s public transport system has improved tremendously in terms of efficiency even though we have few technical problems here and there. In particular, our recently upgraded trams make us different compared to other cities, where I believe we are the first city in Australia to have trams operating. Down at Swanston Street there’s even an opportunity for you to be on a horse carriage.


Besides these reasons, we have a great Health-care system, relatively low crime rates for a city and more importantly we are a multicultural and multi-faith society.

In order for me to not be overly Melbourne-patriotic, I acknowledge that there’s also quite a few things that we could improve on, and I know we will.

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[Education] Response to Alex Gunning’s High Achievement for the International Mathematical Olympiad


Where I read this article: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-07-16/melbourne-teenage-mathlete-wins-gold-for-the-second-time-/5602226?&section=news




Great news for Melbourne! A seventeen year old student from Melbourne, ‘Alex Gunning’ just earned a Gold Medal for the International Mathematical Olympiad! For the second time! Gunning and his family should be well and truly proud of him and applaud him for taking opportunities with his mathematical talent to an international level. Gods knows what he will get for VCE Year 12 if he takes on Further Mathematics, Mathematical Methods (CAS) and Specialist Mathematics altogether!

When we do maths at school it’s just the same thing over and over again, and that’s why we think maths is boring, but the IMO and Olympiads … aren’t like that.

Alex Gunning said this and I have a different opinion about this. Maths at school, whether it’s the VCE, HCS or even SAT there are a range of mathematical topics like Functions, Trigonometric, Calculus, you name it. Even though it can be difficult for mainstream students, it is a challenging experience.

“I’m quite pleased with the result obviously, and a lot of people seem to be quite proud of me, it’s also apparently quite good for your career to have these things on your resume … so I’m quite happy with that as well.”

Gunning sure will have an impressive resume and I’m sure Glen Waverley Secondary College is going to be celebrating like crazy right now. Alex no doubt has a bright future ahead of him and all the best for him!


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