About the Christchurch Office Love Making Affair


Which leads to the one “big question”; should the employees be sacked?

The answer is why should we care?

For this context there’s not point arguing if they should be removed or not, because frankly I don’t believe they wouldn’t want to work there anymore. They wouldn’t want to face the humiliation and embarrassment from continuing their work. Their entire workplace knows about their “love affair”. I literally laughed at the Herald Sun article saying “should we hire people for making love at their office in 2015?” It’s not about how old-fashioned this idea is or what not, but it’s about morals and professionalism. No professional employee would behaviour inappropriate at their workplace. It’s no rocket science.

OK let’s turn things around and let’s say they did want to return back to the workplace even and they don’t care what everyone thinks. Even if their boss lets them stay there they probably won’t be offered any promotion anymore or highly valued anymore either.

The more important question that people seem to be ignoring is what happens to the wife of the guy and their children? Think about it – when the employees were making love she might have been cleaning the house, looking after the children or cooking dinner and waiting for her husband to come back home. What she was rewarded in return was a video destroying a big part of her life. What is she going to do now? Divorce? Where do the children go? Single mom? Where’s the financial support for the children in the future?

Whether the two get the call or not, it makes no difference.

Surely this “Should they be sacked” question marks the start of a stupid year with stupid thinking.


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