[Melbourne City] Response that Melbourne is the World’s Most Friendliest City!


Where I read the article: Melbourne named the world’s friendliest city, Sydney fifth


Hippy, hooray! In a survey conducted by Conde Nast Traveler magazine, out of some many cities we are claimed as the most friendliest city, tied with Auckland (New Zealand).

“Called “capital of cool” Melbourne was praised for boasting an abundance of amazing nightlife, food and hotels, but was also praised for its parks and “fabulous” public art, and its people’s “wonderful sense of humour”.

As a matter of personal experience, this is rather true. I am certainly understand why people whether international tourists or locals would vote Melbourne as No.1, simply because:

  1. Every time I am lost and I need to go somewhere I would ask somebody (quite embarrassing for me since I live in Melbourne all my life but my geography knowledge is rather pathetic), there will always be somebody offering to help me and direct me to the right place. This is what I call friendliness.
  2. In Melbourne we are quite relaxed (doesn’t seem like any much longer since our population is escalating dramatically and it’s only a matter of time before we become overcrowded). Our carefree and open-minded characteristics is what characterises us as Melbournians.
  3. Dropped something on the floor? Fell down accidentally? Your bag is accidentally unzipped? People would actually take the initiative in Melbourne most of the time to see if you are alright or give a helping hand. You don’t expect this in every city so it does again give us a friendly image.
  4. Unlike my experience in Beijing, China, people do offer you with help in public transport. Every time when I catch the tram and there’s a mum with a baby pram in front of the doors, there will always be somebody hurrying to lift the pram to enter the tram. It’s these small but friendly gestures that we should be commended for.

As for the Sydneysiders who are whining about being behind Melbourne by 5 places, big deal. Being claimed as the 5th Most Friendliest City is already a top-notch honour. Accept it. We are both part of Australia. To be fair Sydney is much more urbanised than Melbourne and looks much more like an international city but Melbourne wins because we are more socially cohesive as a community and we are a multicultural, multi-faith society. There’s no need to be petty.


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