[Business][Interesting] Response to New Watermark Technology to ‘Stop’ Illegal Music Downloads


Where I read the article: Watermark technology from Deakin University touted as key to stopping illegal downloads


What a breakthrough news. Since 2000s onwards, people have been downloading music illegally and now Melbourne researchers have found a way to stop all this? In all honesty I am not too confident that this Watermark technology will work because those illegal down-loaders will always find a way to get through loopholes.

“Artists deserve protection and it’s been an area of great frustration, so if anything that’s come out of Deakin becomes reality, I’d be not just proud of Deakin but proud of Australia.”

I personally think that we shouldn’t download illegal music because it’s not just businesses that are impacted from this, so are the singers from the first place. Musicians basically earn nothing when people download illegally, and they still don’t receive much commission from CD resellers either, amid the music industry is dying. But I guess at the end of the day it’s up to people to decide if they want to download songs illegally or not.

“Almost all Australian music downloads illegal”

“Professor Yong Xiang said 95 per cent of music downloads in Australia were illegal, with about 2.8 million Australian using illegal file sharing networks.”

This is a very true fact. People download illegally. It’s free. It’s convenient.

For starters, I only sometimes listen to music from my phone. When I do, I either listen music off from YouTube (partly because you can see the music video visually) or pop on ‘Freegal’ (where you download music legally but there are limits on a weekly basis as to how many songs you can download). By the way, I highly recommend people to check out Freegal. It’s a cool site and you don’t get into trouble with the law.



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