About the Christchurch Office Love Making Affair


Which leads to the one “big question”; should the employees be sacked?

The answer is why should we care?

For this context there’s not point arguing if they should be removed or not, because frankly I don’t believe they wouldn’t want to work there anymore. They wouldn’t want to face the humiliation and embarrassment from continuing their work. Their entire workplace knows about their “love affair”. I literally laughed at the Herald Sun article saying “should we hire people for making love at their office in 2015?” It’s not about how old-fashioned this idea is or what not, but it’s about morals and professionalism. No professional employee would behaviour inappropriate at their workplace. It’s no rocket science.

OK let’s turn things around and let’s say they did want to return back to the workplace even and they don’t care what everyone thinks. Even if their boss lets them stay there they probably won’t be offered any promotion anymore or highly valued anymore either.

The more important question that people seem to be ignoring is what happens to the wife of the guy and their children? Think about it – when the employees were making love she might have been cleaning the house, looking after the children or cooking dinner and waiting for her husband to come back home. What she was rewarded in return was a video destroying a big part of her life. What is she going to do now? Divorce? Where do the children go? Single mom? Where’s the financial support for the children in the future?

Whether the two get the call or not, it makes no difference.

Surely this “Should they be sacked” question marks the start of a stupid year with stupid thinking.


[Melbourne City] Response that Melbourne is the World’s Most Friendliest City!


Where I read the article: Melbourne named the world’s friendliest city, Sydney fifth


Hippy, hooray! In a survey conducted by Conde Nast Traveler magazine, out of some many cities we are claimed as the most friendliest city, tied with Auckland (New Zealand).

“Called “capital of cool” Melbourne was praised for boasting an abundance of amazing nightlife, food and hotels, but was also praised for its parks and “fabulous” public art, and its people’s “wonderful sense of humour”.

As a matter of personal experience, this is rather true. I am certainly understand why people whether international tourists or locals would vote Melbourne as No.1, simply because:

  1. Every time I am lost and I need to go somewhere I would ask somebody (quite embarrassing for me since I live in Melbourne all my life but my geography knowledge is rather pathetic), there will always be somebody offering to help me and direct me to the right place. This is what I call friendliness.
  2. In Melbourne we are quite relaxed (doesn’t seem like any much longer since our population is escalating dramatically and it’s only a matter of time before we become overcrowded). Our carefree and open-minded characteristics is what characterises us as Melbournians.
  3. Dropped something on the floor? Fell down accidentally? Your bag is accidentally unzipped? People would actually take the initiative in Melbourne most of the time to see if you are alright or give a helping hand. You don’t expect this in every city so it does again give us a friendly image.
  4. Unlike my experience in Beijing, China, people do offer you with help in public transport. Every time when I catch the tram and there’s a mum with a baby pram in front of the doors, there will always be somebody hurrying to lift the pram to enter the tram. It’s these small but friendly gestures that we should be commended for.

As for the Sydneysiders who are whining about being behind Melbourne by 5 places, big deal. Being claimed as the 5th Most Friendliest City is already a top-notch honour. Accept it. We are both part of Australia. To be fair Sydney is much more urbanised than Melbourne and looks much more like an international city but Melbourne wins because we are more socially cohesive as a community and we are a multicultural, multi-faith society. There’s no need to be petty.

[Melbourne] Top 10 Places to Go in Melbourne


Melbourne is no doubt the cultural capital of Australia. We’re known for our multiculturalism, friendliness and tad of quirkiness. Let’s waste no time for my personal list of the must-go and must-do places and events in Melbourne City! May the countdown begin! 

10. ART: Melbourne Arts Theatre


Reason: This is Melbourne’s own version of the Eiffel Tower. It looks absolutely stunning. A must-go. 

“I love the Arts Centre, its in the soul of Melbourne, its Arts precinct in St Kilda Road, easily accessible by public transport and with good, if pricey food and drinks available. Very popular is the tram bar or curbside coffee shop. The State Theatre and Hamer Hall are both theatre spaces where seating is comfortable and views un-obscured. There are changing performances, some with extended seasons and some once off. It worth seeing something here for a quintessential Melbourne experience. There is a groovy bar at the Southern end, along with Cafe Vic and a performing arts exhibition space with changing exhibits.”

9. LITERACY: State Library of Victoria



Reason: You’re probably wondering why I included a library for this list. To be fair, the State Library is a great place to relax in your trip at Melbourne. The Victorian architecture is lovely and there’s a place for you to play games, read books and even an art gallery! For all free. 

“I have always been to the excellent cafes, Mr Tulks and Moat either side of the library and the book store. The best attraction is the old library reading room and the doom. Very interesting exhibitions about the history of Melbourne and Victoria like Ned Kelly, local Aboriginal chiefs, settlement, AFL history. It is an absolutely beautiful building. Entry is free.”

8. NATURAL SCENERY: Royal Melbourne Botanical Gardens



Reason: Basically Melbourne’s own version of Central Park. This is the best place to go if you want to enjoy the environment. There are beautiful flowers and trees, with an abundant of Australia’s indigenous native plants. Spacious and lively place. 

“Never miss the Melbourne Botanical Garden if you are visiting Melbourne. Walk along the lovely YARRA river from the city end, just below the Concert Hall (HAMMER HALL) end, go pass the boat houses the Garden is on your right, about 15 min. walk. Have lunch in the KIOSK there, take minimum an hour to walk around and you will see a wealth of plants and trees from all over the world. Even you may have your afternoon nap on the lawns near the artificial lake or in one of the shelters which are scattered around the garden. Generally speaking, it is a VERY safe place to relax and enjoy the nature. PLEASE do NOT miss this treasure in Melbourne.”

7. ARCHITECTURE: Federation Square


Reason: Nice cafes, free wi-fi. The Federation Square is rated even better than New York’s Time Square in America. There’s nice parks around the place, heaps of spots to sit and chill out. There’s also street performances and the Yarra River nearby = Great scenery! 

6. POLITICS: Parliament House of Victoria





Reason: This is a hidden gem in Melbourne. Not many people go to the Parliament House because they think it’s closed for politicians only, but to your surprise it’s actually open to the public. There are free public tours that they offer everyday and they will show you around basically the whole place!  

“Beautiful Victorian Architecture, a public gallery where you can watch proceedings when Parliament is in session. The Upper House is more ornate than the Lower, but the detailed work of both is a joy to discover. Tour guides tell you the history of the building, how Parliament works, and share bits of info on Parliament members through the years. The tour guides add their own personality–ours was funny, the next group had a very staid, but more informative guide. The tours are free. You do have to go through security and leave any large bags.”

5. CULTURE & FOOD: Queen Victoria Market


Reason: This is a must-go place. There’s a nice mix of local people buying fresh fruit and vegetables and tourists. You should always go and buy a doughnut there and I’ll advise you to go on Sundays, where it’s always busy and full of performances. Sometimes if you are lucky enough it’s open at night time (called Night Market) and there’s even more food to try and buy! 

“Totally love this place as it sells a variety of goods.
Souvenirs are beautifully made with affordable prices.
Variety of fresh food that showcase the diversity of Australia’s community…chocolates, honey, dairy products, seafood, fruits, vegetables, pastries, etc.
Clothes for the young and adults; for all seasons. Perfect as gifts as well.
Just the right environment to catch up with friends over a cup of coffee.”

4. SPORTS: Melbourne Cricket Ground (Attend an AFL match)


Reason: This is the best place to explore Melbourne’s sport culture, where there will be tens of thousands of crowds gathering every weekends to watch a football match. Wonderful atmosphere! 

“One of the world’s most iconic and stunning sporting venues. a must-do for any sports fan – go to an Aussie Rules or cricket game here, even if you don’t understand either game, as it is a wonderful experience! Amazingly easy to get to compared to most huge stadia in the world. Shame they serve awful beer at many of the events due to sponsorship commitments etc.”

3. SIGHTSEEING: Eureka Skydeck 88



Reason: This is another stunning place to see the whole of Melbourne, literally. If you pay extra you get to go to this place where you get a 360 degrees experience (you can see the night-view by looking down), and it’s amazing. 

“Absolutely a must to go to. The view is sensational. The Sky Deck is a little scary at first, but well worth going on. There is no rush to look around and leave. Plenty of seating scattered throughout where you can just sit and take in the breathtaking views. There’s a café & souvenir shop as well.”

2. ENTERTAINMENT: Melbourne Crown Casino


Reason: Nothing as big as Las Vegas but still a nice place to go, even with young ones. There is a Village Cinema or gaming arena that you can take your kids with and loads of other stuff. Plenty of fine dining restaurants and if you’re over 18, you can go inside the actual casino. Everything looks nice, just remember to not gamble too much 🙂

“I had no idea that a casino of such high standard existed in Australia until I ended up at the Crown Casino in Melbourne. This casino is massive, just as big (if not, bigger) than a lot of casino’s in Las Vegas. Its pristine and beautifully decorated with so much to do/see. Countless restaurants and bars/nightclubs, lots of high end shops, three hotels with spas, a bowling alley and cinemas. We managed to get lost a few times, but we were okay with this as some of the decor is truly breathtaking. I would suggest going for dinner in Southbank (walking distance) prior to hitting up the casino.”

1. SHOPPING: Melbourne CBD: Melbourne Central, The Emporium; Flinders Street Station:


Reason: There’s nothing much important travelling to Melbourne than visiting the actual Central Business District! The streets in Melbourne are very wide compared to other cities and it’s all clean and neat. CBD includes areas like Chinatown, QV, Melbourne Central, Emporium, etc. Melbourne Central and the Emporium are full of shopping centres with gift shops, clothing stores and a whole bunch of food places to eat in. Everything was only built recently and it’s all connected (you’ll know what I mean when you go there). Happy shopping! 

[Architecture] Response that Melbourne’s Federation Square Voted as One of the World’s Best Public Squares


Where I read the article:

Melbourne’s Federation Square voted one of the world’s best public squares


I’m surprised that it’s already August, but what’s more unbelievable is this…

This news came to me totally by surprise. I still remember how Melbournians were blasting how the Federation Square was a total disaster years ago.The random designs, the boring atmosphere and the visual eyesore.

“Often voted one of the ugliest places due to the deconstructivist style of the buildings, the square has come to be very successful. Why so? Well, with a constant stream of entertainment, dining and free Wi-Fi, it’s always busy with people.”



‘Free Wi-Fi’ – I don’t see how free Wi-Fi would help to make Federation Square one of the world’s top public squares, given that so many other places offer free internet. I think I have used the free Wi-Fi in Federation Square a couple of times before. Nothing special. It wasn’t lightning speed fast and yet it wasn’t like my home Dial-Up internet 10 years ago (Yes I am old).

Constant stream of entertainment – I have mixed feelings about this one. I do agree that Fed Square has a lot of community events happening often, whether it was the Multicultural Victoria Festival back from March, the place where Queen Elizabeth II visited back in 2011 and where everyone gathers for New Years Eve. However, I still think that Federation Square is quite empty. It feels like a large space just to walk by. Inside the Federation Square apart from ACMI (great place to go by the way), there’s basically a book store, same cafes and gift stores. To become one of the world best public spaces I would have certainly wanted more.

It’s always busy with people – Sometimes when it’s a sunny day yes I agree there are quite a lot of people sitting on those long benches.

Don’t worry. I don’t hate Federation Square, I just think it could have offered much more given that it’s in the centre of Australia’s cultural capital city. It’s not as bad as what everyone thinks and 6th place I guess is fair. I have completely nothing wrong with the architecture design (it has the Australian style feel) and I like how it’s a very relaxing and casual place. Easily accessible public transport (tram lines across the road, Flinders St Train Station on the other side, tourist shuttle bus right outside) and nice music everywhere are also bonuses. Some entertaining street performances. You name it.

A look at how other public squares were ranked against the Fed Square:


1. Naghsh-e Jahaan Square, Isfahan, Iran

2. Piazza del Campo, Siena, Italy

3. Red Square, Moscow, Russia

4. Trafalgar Square, London

5. St Peter’s Square, Vatican City

6. Federation Square, Melbourne

7. Rynek Główny, Kraków, Poland

8. Plaza de Armas, Cuzco, Peru

9. Times Square, New York

10. Tahrir Square, Cairo”

I’m surprised that Fed Square overpassed New York’s Time Square by a noticeable three spots, given that it’s so much more famous. Visually, Time Square beats Fed Square by a million bucks, but maybe it’s the loud and crowded atmosphere in Times Square that’s unbearable. Period.

[Weather] Response to Melbourne’s Temperature dropping 11 degrees over a few minutes


Where I read the article:

Wild weather strikes south eastern Australia, but we promise you, the weather has not gone mad. Mostly


I’ve lived in Melbourne all my life and yes the weather here is changing all the time. 

“THE cold front has hit Melbourne. Tullamarine Airport plummeted from 18 degrees to 7.7 in a matter of minutes this evening, while the Yarra river is bursting its banks.”

I was at Melbourne CBD today and I looked outside the window at around 3:30pm. It looked humid and warm outside, and frankly you couldn’t see any signs of rain coming. But then before an hour even passed by, I could tell that the room was getting darker as the dark clouds were. Suddenly, it was starting to rain and the temperature outside went from 18 degrees to 7.7 degrees Celsius, making me all soaked by the time I was at home. Bizarre. 

People around the world have always noted this special feature from Melbourne and in all honesty I don’t quite like it. Not when I thought that I didn’t need to bring my umbrella. Not when I was planning to browse around the streets thinking it would be a good day to. 

Today really challenges the beliefs of anyone who denies Melbourne’s ‘4 seasons in 1 day weather. 

[International] Response to the MH17 Plane Disaster Today


Where I read the article: Malaysia Airlines MH17 shot down over Ukraine: 28 Australians among 298 dead


This is tragic news not only for Victorians but for people around the world. This time it’s not only Malaysian Airlines that’s in hot water, but President Putin from Russia. 

Let me start off by outlining the details of the incident:


The Malaysia Airlines plane with 298 people on board, including at least 28 Australians, was downed about 12.15am today Sydney time.

The flight MH17, a Boeing 777-200, was travelling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur but was shot down in separatist-controlled eastern Ukraine.

Plumes of black smoke could be seen near the rebel-held village of Grabovo in eastern Ukraine, at the crash site 40 kilometres from the Russian border.

WHO were Involved: 

  • 298 passengers from the MH17 commercial air plane who were killed. Among them, 28 were from Australia, 154 Dutch passengers, 43 Malaysians, 12 Indonesians, 9 British passengers, 4 Belgium passengers, 4 German, 3 Philippines, a Canadian and 40 other unverified passengers.   
  • Pro-Russian Rebels from Ukraine are reported to be behind this disaster

WHERE did it happen:

  • The flight was scheduled to depart from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • The flight was interrupted in Eastern Ukraine, where it was reported that a missile/s had shot down the air-plane


WHEN did it happen:

  • It happened at 2:15pm local time (GMT) in Eastern Ukraine


This is the question that is puzzling over peoples’ head and as reported I suspect that it might be a case of mistaken identity where the Pro-Russian rebels mistaken it was an Ukrainian Cargo Plane instead and decided to shoot it down. It was all too late before they realised that it was a big mistake. I praise the Ukrainian Government for intercepting telephone conversations after the event and successfully recorded a conversation where one of the rebels said:

‘We shot down a plane’

by Russian rebel military chief Igor ‘The Terrible’ Strelkov.  This is a good piece of evidence to verify who is responsible for this disaster and he needs to pay for his stupid actions. 

My Opinion:

I send my deep condolences towards the victims of the Malaysian airplane. It is no doubt an ‘unspeakable crime’ committed by the rebels behind this and whilst some experts say that it is too early to determine the perpetrators, I think it is already quite obvious that President Putin deserves to be blamed.It’s quite ironic for his initial response that Ukraine is to be blamed for this when it’s his officials who have shot down the plane. 

What a tragedy, for passengers in which some were planning to attend the International AIDS Conference in Melbourne to be killed just like that. Parents, students, teachers, grandparents, ordinary citizens to end their life in such an avoidable incident.

Moments ago I watched an uncensored video of the crash site and I can say it was utterly revolting to watch. Bodies were scattered everywhere and it was all debris full of suitcases, passports and plane equipment. I find it very disheartening to know that some local civilians came to the crash site to steal money and precious items left there. Shame on you.

As for Malaysian airlines, I truly sympathise with them this time. It was completely beyond their control for this to happen and they made a prompt action to waive any fees for flight changes, amid passengers cancelling their flights from Malaysian airlines. The MH370 plane is still nowhere to be seen, and already they have to suffer another plane from falling into the same fate. If I was Malaysian airlines, I would actually consider closing down the business and then rebuild a new airplane company named something else instead. There’s no way that this time they will have a chance to recover and it will only be months away perhaps that their sales would decline to a point they are making huge losses. 

I applaud our Prime Minister Tony Abbott for making a firm stance that President Putin is ‘very unsatisfactory’ and he should be condemned. I respect Tony’s decision for a national mourning day where flags would only be partially lifted. And also we should applaud Victorian Premier’s decision to cancel the fireworks display in Docklands tonight, and make a low-key opening ceremony for the International HIV Conference to pay respect for those who have sacrificed their lives. 

The big question though is if the war between Ukraine and Russia didn’t exist, this incident would never happen in the first place. I think it’s time that governments from all around the world force Russia and Ukraine to confront their conflicts and for a time to end all this. 

What a tragedy. 



[Science][Business] Response to the Carbon Tax Axe


Where I read the article: Carbon tax scrapped: PM Tony Abbott sees key election promise fulfilled after Senate votes for repeal


Today marks a very important day in terms of politics and the concern for the environment. You will either be celebrating today or cringing your head on what the hell happened to Australia. 

“”Because the price of power is a component of just about every price in the economy, when the price of power falls, other prices should go down as well,”


“households will benefit on average by $550 a year from the repeal, with gas prices to fall by 7 per cent and electricity prices by 9 per cent.”

For those celebrating, you may be celebrating in the sense that Carbon Tax may mean goods and services will be cheaper now. Businesses that emit carbon emissions will now not be required to pay for the price on pollution, and automatically people would assume that we consumers would now have less financial burden. Period. 

For those however upset about the decision made in the Parliament House today, you are probably angry in the sense that nothing will really stop businesses causing greenhouse gas. The incentive for businesses to divert their resources away from using fossil fuels and try renewable energy methods will be gone, and that’s definitely bad news for the environment. 

Either way you think about it, I have simplified the effects and the Carbon Tax is no doubt a really complicated issue.  It’s also going to affect the future of  Australia’s economy and environment drastically. From my humble opinion, I tend to believe that the Carbon Tax is an effective general policy to encourage businesses who are polluting the environment to change the structure of the business, but I find that it is a bit too overwhelming for ordinary citizens who have to suffer from raising prices. But don’t worry, even though the Carbon Tax is gone and marks Australia as the first country to back away from environmental policies from an international perspective, we can still find other ways to preserve our environment. But ladies and gentlemen, time is running out.    


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